Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snow Days

This year has been so unusual for our area in Virginia.

Marcus has totaled out with 13 days off of school due to snow or ice and that doesn't include the number of days that he had a 2 hour delay!

I think Bill has had about 4 days of the government being closed this year due to bad weather too!

It is lots of fun thought to be able to snuggle on the couch and have a roaring fire going.

I don't get snow days since I work from home....but it is really nice to be able to have Bill and Marcus home with me. 

One morning we work up and had 18 inches in about a 6 hour period of time.  

The snow had drifted all the way up the front door! 

You can see how high the snow is drifted with Charlie sitting in front of it and my iPad propped up against the door too.

On this morning, I opened the door to let Wilbur out to go potty and he absolutely refused!!

I even shoveled off the porch and steps and a small circle in the front yard and he STILL refused!  

It wasn't until Bill woke up and went out with him that he finally went potty.

During one of our snow events, I bought a puzzle in anticipation of being stuck in the house for a few days and Marcus and I had fun putting it together.  

The snow days were great...but I am ready for the Spring!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Freezer Meals

My family is getting tired of my food calendar.

Even though I don't ever make the same thing in the same month (or sometimes in 6 weeks) they are still tired of the same old food.

I, on the other hand, crave organization and love the food calendar.

I decided to try some new recipes to try and make a compromise.

While looking for recipes, I found a website with recipes for freezer meals.

I instantly LOVED the idea!

I spent two Saturdays shopping for food and preparing meals for my freezer that can go right into my crock pot.

This was A LOT of work...I was exhausted after both sessions....but the end result has been wonderful.

I love having meals in my freezer (that still go on the calendar) and know that I can put these in the crock pot and have a great meal at the end of a long day.

There are some meals that we really haven't liked very well.

But others have been fantastic.

I am saving money which is also a huge bonus!

Now....I just need to buy a full size freezer....I only have a tiny freezer on half of my is very crowded...and no room for ICE CREAM!  AAAhhh!  

Many of the recipes came from the website blog Who Needs A Cape

The ones that I like best though came from A Taste of Home Freezer Cookbook that I borrowed from a friend.  

However...after doing all of this work...Bill and I are contemplating a rigourous diet to lose weight before our trip to France and Ireland this summer.  

I guess my dad and Marcus can eat the freezer meals!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day Bill and I went out to eat at Blue Ridge Grill and then to see a movie at Cobb.

The dinner was really good...we had prime rib sandwiches that were super yummy!

The movie was "Winter's Tale" and was just ok.  It was a very strange romantic movie....with a little bit of action.  Bill was a great guy to endure not only a romantic movie....but a poor one at that!

He kept whispering to me through out the movie that his man parts were slowly shrinking and turning into lady parts. 

I was laughing so hard that I probably bothered the people around me!

We had a great time!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bobby is NINETEEN?????

This little valentine from Bobby sure sums it up..."I'm growing big -- as you can see".

It is amazing to me that Bobby is 19 years old today!

He will forever and always be the best Valentine's Day present.

As is tradition, I always have to start the day before the kids birthdays and remind them of what I was doing XX years ago "at this very moment".

Last night around 9:00pm, I text Bobby and said:

"Nineteen years ago at this very moment I was pacing the floor trying to decide if I should go to the hospital....what were you doing 19 years ago at this very moment?"

Bobby replied and said:

"Thinking that I gotta move out of my mom's place."

I had a good laugh over that one.

We mailed Bobby his birthday present last week with strict instructions that he wasn't allowed to open it until today.  I hope he followed them!

I also hope that one of his roommates will bake him the cake that I sent to him....complete with frosting, candles, balloons, and a happy birthday banner. 

Happy Birthday Bobby! 

We love and miss you!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Improv show

Bill, Marcus, and I have discovered a great show that we love to see out in Purcellville.

The Last Ham Standing Improv Show is great family fun.  It is very similar to the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and provides lots of great laughs.

It is about the same price as going to see a movie....except a little cheaper b/c you aren't tempted to buy expensive concession stand food.  

I hope the community is able to support this group so that it continues to provide a great night of entertainment for years to come.

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